Robert Griffin III, who was supplanted by Kirk Cousins, thinks Cousins will be supplanted by Kellen Mond

Robert Griffin III knows a thing or two about being supplanted by another quarterback. He now thinks the fourth-round quarterback who supplanted him in Washington will be supplanted by a 2021 third-round pick.

Griffin said during a Friday night draft show that Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins could end up losing his starting job to rookie Kellen Mond.

“Yeah, I can tell you that No. 8 in Minnesota is not real happy right now,” Griffin said, via “Because Kellen Mond represents exactly what he doesn’t do well. Kellen Mond is the big, physical quarterback. He can run it, throw it all over the field, and I don’t think that’s something that No. 8 is able to do in Cousins in Minnesota. But, I think that’s what the coaching staff and administration is looking for.

“As you’ve seen, Cousins has been collecting checks there in Minnesota for a long time, taking them to 8-8, 9-7 seasons. If he has a bad start to the year like he did last year, I could see the fans and maybe the organization leaning toward Mond if he comes in and impresses.”

Griffin was Washington’s second overall pick in 2012, a player for whom they game up three first-round picks and a second-round pick. Cousins arrived as a fourth-round flier. By 2015, Cousins was the starter.

Even if Griffin’s assessment is influenced in whole or in part by bitterness, he has a point. Cousins can run the play that’s called, and he struggles with the play that isn’t called. The so-called off-schedule play is something Cousins can’t consistently make. Mond potentially can.

Mond has a long way to go to become a starter in the NFL, with Minnesota or anyone else. The selection shows that the Vikings realize that, but for Tom Brady, the best quarterbacks in the NFL have the mobility to make things happen when the play goes sideways. If Mond develops, Minnesota will be one of the teams with a guy like that.